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The Lioness Project

The Lioness Project serves to support underprivileged children and women throughout Africa with creating Educational and Empowering Projects.


We are planning to embark on our first Educational Project in Sierra Leone, West Africa where literacy levels are approximately 37.1% and the literacy level for women are lower than that of men.


The aim of the Project is to help government-funded schools in rural areas - to start, manage and sustain their own Library and Reading Programmes.  To date, there are 5 public Libraries in Sierra Leone - 3 in Freetown, 1 in Bo and 1 in Koindu.  The School Libraries are significantly under-resourced and virtually non-existent.  Setting up a well-resourced and flourishing School Library would help to strengthen the educational system for children aged 5-16 years old, which is 5 miles from Freetown.  We aspire to achieve the following:


  • Supporting both formal and informal learning

  • Helping to stimulate creative thinking

  • Developing resilience, self-esteem and confidence

  • Creating future leaders

  • Providing a lifeline of hope of future employment for children from low economic families

  • Helping to improve literacy

  • Providing local employment


As a child, I enjoyed reading books and would spend time doing so. We rarely watched television. On retrospect, I am thankful that I used my time in this way as it opened the door for me to take up Writing in addition to my professional career.


During my visit to Freetown, Sierra Leone in October 2019 - I decided to embark on this Project by initially doing some research.  I met with the Head Teacher of a local Primary School in Goderich Village.  I was shown a large room which can be used to house the Library.  The room is partly ready and requires some repairs to be carried out.  The ceiling has been ruined by bugs, the floor needs tiling and there are no books, chairs or tables.   However, there are shelves and they are in good condition.


How Can You Help?

By making a donation of any amount

You would have contributed to:


  • ​Fixing the ceiling

  • Helping to tile the floors

  • Purchase reading books

  • Buy furniture to get the Library up and running. 


And as a thank you, we offering you a free e-book called

 ‘Ginger, the Lung Fixer’.










     Thank You for Your Donation





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