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Hope and Voice is a Community Interest Company running services to benefit communities within Surrey and its Borders and also within small pockets of community groups in Africa and Asia.

Our Mission is to ‘invest in WELL' (Wellness, Education and Legacy).


If wellness is ‘an active process of becoming healthy and having a fulfilling life,’ then everyone deserves to be well. We believe that taking preventative measures by making small changes is a stepping stone to achieve better outcomes.

We use holistic approaches in our delivery and provide assistance in areas such as dealing with emotional issues, combating loneliness, physical and food wellness (otherwise known as social prescribing). We also run a community friendly and support group.





We promote lifelong learning, encouraging the individual to become self-motivated in pursuit of knowledge and growth.

We deliver training in confidence building, goal setting, digital skills, leadership, career change and social media marketing.

We help provide guidance for business start-ups


Internationally, we run educational and women empowering projects called ‘Lioness Project’

The Lioness Project serves to support children and women in underprivileged world in Africa and Asia. The aim is to enhance education for children, by promoting literacy at an early age; targeting nursery and primary schools. Owning a library and encouraging children to read outside of school hours is a fantastic way to help to stimulate cognition, interest in learning and improve writing skills. We are passionate about driving this cause forward. We work with women to help them identify their skills so that they become self-sufficient.




We work around - Purpose/Calling, Leadership and Self-Branding. We provide support to help individuals get their stories published.

We are members of ‘The Good Things Foundation’ otherwise known as ‘The Online Centres Network’. They are a social change charity that supports socially excluded people to their lives through improving their digital skills.


We are also members of the Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum (SMEF). SMEF works with the BAME communities and community groups across Surrey, providing support, training and helps signpost where and how to access services within Surrey. We are a ‘Victim Support Champion’ for SMEF and had participated in running a ‘Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adult’ workshop.

We work with certain vulnerable individual and groups such as ‘Young Single Mothers’, the unemployed, individuals living in poverty and the BAME communities.

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