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Looking for a Coach or Mentor?

Mentoring and coaching are a must for growth and success (exponentially) in every area of your life. They will help to sharpen and shape you, put you in the right path should you drift off course. Circumstances in life can steal away your dream. A mentor/coach will provide the support you need to get you back on track.

Take action now and get the help you need!

Would You Like to Take Part in a Book Writing Project?

I am sending out an open invitation to ten prospective women candidates to take part in a book writing project.

Are you passionate about getting your story out but don’t know where to start and how to do it?

A great way to start is to team up with other people.

This helps to lighten the workload and gives you the confidence that you are not alone. Moreover the idea of writing a book can be daunting especially if you have not done one before.

The aim of this book project is to help you get your story out on paper, in the form of a book. The good news is that you would not be writing the entire book. The book will be a collective, from ten willing participants.

All you have to do is be willing to write your story, just one chapter is enough. Altogether there’ll be ten chapters. With a step to step guide on how to get put your story down on paper you can rest assured that your worst nightmares are now over.

For more info visit:

Hope and Voice Introduce Their Inaugural Lioness Awards Ceremony

The Founder of Hope and Voice CIC, Evelyn Pindura, is happy to announce their inaugural awards ceremony: “The Lioness Awards” for Women which was set up to recognise individuals and organisations who have worked exceptionally hard and made an outstanding contribution in their personal growth and to the development of the community.
This event will be held on Saturday 30th September 2017 from 6pm till 11pm at the distinguished and stylish Surrey National Golf Club in Caterham.  The Hope and Voice team are dedicated to producing and working on hosting an unforgettable evening for all the nominees and guests. With a beautiful backdrop of Surrey North Downs countryside, 'The Surrey National Golf Club' will be a perfect setting for the awards.


As part of the evenings proceedings there will be a dinner and dance which will provide a perfect opportunity for attendees to meet a wide range of people from different backgrounds.
The night promises to be a delightful setting for celebrating success, networking, and a great platform for business owners to highlight their own business.


 “The Lioness Awards will be our chance to recognise, highlight and celebrate women from all walks of life, who have overcome challenges, contributed to society and made a difference to people’s lives. Some phenomenal woman who have a common ethic of hard work and determination were nominated for the awards and the chosen finalists will be present at the awards ceremony so that we can stand alongside them and honour them.” Says founder Evelyn Pindura.


For more information about 'The Finalists' visit

Sponsorship opportunities are available and Hope and Voice encourage businesses to contact them for more information.


Press Enquiries, Interviews and Sponsorship contact:

To register for general and VIP tickets to the awards and dinner and dance or to purchase a stall to exhibit your business at the event click here

Past Events

Say Goodbye to Past Hurts and Welcome Change, was the theme for our ‘Women with a Purpose’ Breakfast on Saturday 8th October 2016

Sometimes saying goodbye can actually be a cool thing to do.

When you pay off a debt…..its goodbye debt!

When a fracture heals……its goodbye cast!

When you become cancer's goodbye cancer!

When you forgive someone…..its goodbye bitterness

When you let go of the your past hurts…….it’s goodbye heartache

And when you let God step in……its welcome change!

Many times in life, the most freeing thing to do is simply say goodbye and welcome change.

We discussed topics such as:

  • Breaking taboos, norms and habits

  • Blind spots that hinders change

  • Planning for a better future

  • Put an end to the cycle of set backs


Saturday 25th June 2016 - This workshop is exceptional and holistic in its approach, focusing on not only health and well-being but also adding in creative activities suitable for everyone. The workshop was open to both men and women who want to take charge of and master their own health and well-being. “It is not just women’s health, men’s health matter too”

In 2015, we ran four events for this year – ‘Career Change for the Working Woman’ ‘Celebrate the Powerful Woman Within,’ ‘A Health and Well-being Workshop’ and ‘Women with a Purpose Breakfast.’

Each event was run with a different purpose in mind, for example, the career change for the working woman was held to provide support for women who are looking for a career change and do not know which way to turn or looking for a new direction.


The health and well-being is the company’s yearly key event and the founder’s heart desire to provide inspire, empower, encourage and provoke women to take ownership of their well-being and health.

Celebrate the powerful woman within was carried out to commemorate the international women’s day and finally ‘women with a purpose breakfast’ was held to bring healing to women from past hurts.

We had highly effective speakers for all of these events who invested their time, their expertise and show great love. Apart from the fact that the event was well organized, the speakers gave their personal touch and added style to the events. There were other side attractions such as listening to live jazz, manicure and facials.

Health and Wellbeing Workshop on Saturday 28th June 2014. This workshop was designed for women who want to improve their overall health and emotional wellbeing such as bettering health, building confidence and wanting to make a fresh start in life.

The women who attended had the opportunity to engage in identifying clear, practical and realistic steps, to help them achieve great fulfilment in their personal, career and business lives.


Goal setting and Financial Management Workshop on Saturday the 4th October 2014 designed for women who want to excel their lives, to help them to tap into their potential for greatness, to discover and realise the area of their gifting, talents and purpose in life.

On the 29th June 2013, Hope and Voice held its second event again at the Fairfield Halls with the theme “You are Beautiful inside and out, a Confidence Building Workshop for Women”.  This was a free event with at the organiser’s cost.

During the workshop, we covered how to: build self-esteem and boost self-confidence, improve psychological health and reduce stress and worry, transform limiting beliefs and define values, achieving dreams, advance your career or business and the people had the opportunity to meet new people and developed new opportunities. They also participate in, interactive activities, free facials and listened to live jazz music.

The Launching of Hope and Voice

Hope and Voice was successfully launched on the 6th October 2012 at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon in the form of an inspirational workshop. The theme for this event was “You are Beautiful Inside and out.”

Topics discussed were: discover the major barriers that could be responsible for keeping you from the freedom you desire, know what steps to take to overcome those barriers, gain insight how to respond to humps in the road, discover the importance of self-image, learn the 10 commandments of goal setting and creating maps to shape your route, discover how to change your thinking and grow your self-confidence and find out how to look good and feel great.

 The event ended with Fun Filled Activities and Entertainment: with Live Jazz Performance, facials and a session of Zumba dance. A percentage of the proceeds went to Melqosh Mission. Melqosh Mission, is a charity school for disabled and post war afflicted girls and women in Sierra Leone.

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